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The Swedish life science industry deserves the best

Sweden is since long viewed as one of the world’s most prominent research nations with an innovative life science industry, strong academia and world leading infrastructure for research. Less focused in the industry is the commercialization process and the ability to attract investments.

We believe in the great potential of Swedish life science! That is why Novitas Patent and Bergenstråhle & Partners, together, created Life Science IP Experts. By combining unique expertise and experience within intellectual property, life science, business development and law we want to make a difference for Swedish life science companies. By being a strong partner to the Swedish life science industry, our goal is to make the Swedish companies more competitive and attractive on the international arena.


Collaboration is the key to a successful life science industry

Life Science IP Experts believe in the great potential of Swedish life science, and to keep the ability to create future successful research we need successful Swedish life science companies. In the life science industry, patented innovations are key to attract necessary investments and to successful commercialization. We are of the opinion that Sweden today is lacking a strong partner within commercialization and Intellectual Property within the Swedish life science industry. This is a threat to a prosperous future of Swedish life science companies and research.

Life Science IP Experts is a joint venture aiming at offering what is missing, locally available patent and commercialization expertise to support in house experts. With 100% Swedish focus we are committed to create the best possible commercialization environment for Swedish life science research.


Intellectual Property and business strategy advice services, tailor made specifically for the Swedish life science industry

Life science is a complex field of innovation and different expertise is required across the value chain. Not all life science companies can afford to have all the required expertise in house. Co-operations and different kind of partnerships will be crucial to most life science companies in order to be successful.

Life Science IP Experts vision is to offer the expertise needed to support the in house experts of any Swedish life science company. Behind the Life Science IP Experts are two consulting companies that have understood that adding each other’s competencies will multiply the value created, and together Novitas Patent and Bergenstråhle & Partners can offer a full range of legal, science and business development expertise needed to commercialize successful research.