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Life Science IP Experts™ enable life science companies to connect with intellectual property professionals for advice and support in the protection of inventions, the assessment of innovation and commercial strategies as well as the transformation of intellectual property assets into profitable business.

Our team of Experts is dedicated to providing you with unmatched IP services ranging from patent and legal support to strategy services. We are committed to supporting you.


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Anders Berglund.png

Anders Berglund

 +46 70 651 28 19

Anders is a highly experienced patent consultant and gives advice in strategic patent issues and handles all types of patent cases, such as search requests, drafting of patent applications, evaluations, management and objections. Anders has expertise in the fields of biochemistry, biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, immunology, paper & cellulose, diagnostics, vaccines, medtech and foodstuff.


helena Danielsson

 +46 70 651 24 38

Helena is a European patent attorney and has a M.Sc. in Chemical Science and Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Helena is highly experienced in the patent industry, working with patents for more than 18 years, inluding patent prosecution, due diligence, freedom-to-operate, IP strategy and litigation.

Niklas Forslund.png

Niklas Forslund

+46 70 664 15 03

Niklas is a patent consultant with a M. Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal University of Technology (KTH). As a patent consultant, Niklas has long experience within the field of life science, with 12 years as an IP Director at a pharmaceutical & 
biotechnological company, and over 12 years as a patent consultant, where he is drafting and prosecuting patent applications within the fields of life science and chemical engineering.


David Grünbaum

+46 76 534 57 77

David is an Attorney at Law and holds a LL.M. in Law and a M. Sc. degree in Intellectual Capital Management. David has extensive experience within the area of Commercial law and Intellectual Property Law and he is acting as a general counsel for several Life Science clients, which frequently involves negotiating and drafting licensing deals as well as high level strategic advice.


David Henricson Briggs

+46 70 444 83 13

David is a patent attorney and holds a Master’s degree in Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine. His broad technical background and experience in working with companies of all sizes enable an overview of both technological and business aspects of innovations. He has worked with numerous life science start-ups and has a particular interest in helping them safely navigate complex IP issues.

Joakim Hernström.png

Joakim HeRnström

+46 70 768 70 05

Joakim is a strategy expert with over 15 years’ experience from management consulting, business development and venture capital. He focuses on creating and implementing IP strategies and processes for clients, linking IP and business strategies, commercial structuring of intellectual assets as well as IP and business valuations. Joakim is also a former CEO of a biotech company.

Gunnar Hjält.png

Gunnar HjAlt

+46 76 534 57 56

Gunnar is an Attorney at Law, authorized Swedish patent attorney as well as authorized European trademark and design attorney. Gunnar holds an LL.M. in Intellectual Property. He is highly experienced with over 20 years in the patent industry, advising clients on patent, design and trademark issues to help clients capitalizing and protecting their intellectual property to gain advantage over their competitors.


Lars Höglund

 +46 70 651 24 46

Lars is a European patent attorney and holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Karolinska Institutet. Lars is highly experienced with over 25 years as a patent attorney with expertise in prosecution, IP strategy, due diligence and freedom-to-operate within the field of life science.


Denis Ilecic

+46 76 534 57 41

Denis is an Attorney at Law as well as an IP consultant. Denis holds a LL.M. in Law and a Master’s degree in Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine. Denis has helped several fast growing biotech companies identify trade secrets and advised how to successfully protect them in order to ensure that they receive maximal return on their innovations.


Jarkko Kortesmaa

+46 70 651 29 37

Jarkko is a European patent attorney and has a Ph.D. in Medical Biochemistry from the Karolinska Institutet. In all, he has over 16 years of experience in Life Sciences, both as a post-doctoral researcher and as a European patent attorney.

Jarmo Kääriäinen.png

Jarmo Kääriäinen

+46 70 319 42 30

Jarmo is a highly experience Attorney at Law. He holds a LL.M. in Law and a Master's degree in European Intellectual Property Law, both from Stockholm University.  With over 17 years’ experience, Jarmo has expertise in a lot of different areas, including business law, dispute resolution and IP law & litigation.

Gabriela Tomescu.png

Gabriela Tomescu

+46 76 534 57 75

Gabriela is a US patent attorney and Attorney at Law with expertise in medtech and life science. In addition to patent prosecution, Gabriela counsels clients in IP strategy and portfolio development, freedom-to-operate, due diligence and trademarks. She possesses extensive experience with start-ups and new business development. 



 +46 70 651 26 32

Renzo is a European patent attorney and has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Stockholm University. Renzo has extensive experience as a patent attorney, and as a strategic intellectual property counsel in the life science industry. He is an expert in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, and catalysis.

Håkan Yildirim.png

Håkan Yildirim

+46 70 876 93 82

Håkan is a patent attorney and holds a Ph.D. in Medical Science with specialization in Bioanalysis. He worked as a patent examiner for five years until 2012, when he started working as a patent attorney.  Over the years Håkan has gained expertise in organic chemistry, biotechnology,
medicinal chemistry, 
immunology, paper & pulp,
polymer chemistry, vaccines,
diagnostics, medtech, and

Staffan Zilling.png

Staffan Zilling

 +46 70 147 10 17

Staffan is a senior patent attorney as well as an authorized Swedish patent attorney. Staffan has extensive experience as a patent attorney with over 23 years in the business. Staffan has expertise in the fields of mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, medtech and software, serving clients in everything from drafting patents to building IP strategies.


Petter Øen

+46 73 640 45 44

Petter is a European Patent Attorney and holds a M. Sc. in Engineering Physics from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). He has more than ten years’ experience from the patent industry, working as both a patent examiner and a patent attorney. He has expertise in various fields of engineering, including medtech, mechanics, mechatronics, electronics and software.