Håkan Yildirim

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Håkan is a Patent Attorney at Bergenstråhle & Partners.

Håkan has been working as a patent consultant since 2012 and he has a broad knowledge and interest in natural sciences and is specialized in chemistry, Life Science and medical sciences. He holds a doctorate in Bioanalysis from Karolinska Institutet where he conducted cross-disciplinary research on biological polymers in order to identify potential vaccine candidates. The research involved various fields such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, vaccine technology, structural biochemistry and medicine.

In 2007 he started off his career in the world of patents at the Swedish Patent and Registration office where he worked as a patent examiner for five years in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.



Biochemistry & biotechnology, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, immunology, polymer chemistry, paper & pulp, diagnostics, vaccines, medtech, foods & beverages.


Håkan worked as an assistant and laboratory teacher in chemistry, analytical chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry and mass spectrometry at Södertörn University during his doctorate studies (2000-2005). In 2006, Håkan started working as a teacher and Head of the Science Department at Internationella Engelska Skolan Bromma until May 2007 when he started working at the Swedish Patent and Registration office (PRV) as a Patent Examiner and Key-Account Manager in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. In 2012 Håkan started his career as a patent attorney and in 2016 Håkan joined Bergenstråhle & Partners. 


2000-2005 Ph.D. in Medical Science, Bioanalysis, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

1995-2000 M.Sc. in Chemistry, Stockholm University, Sweden


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