Jarkko Kortesmaa



Jarkko is a European patent attorney and a partner at Novitas Patent.

Jarkko has extensive experience in the field of life science, having transitioned from an industry researcher to a European Patent Attorney. His education from Karolinska Institutet, combined with his experience from research and development in industry, has resulted in broad expertise within several fields of life science. As a patent attorney, Jarkko mainly focuses on patent prosecution, patent applications, IP strategy, freedom-to-operate analysis and due diligence. 



Biochemistry & biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, immunology, molecular biology, diagnostics, vaccines, medtech.


Before starting his career as a patent attorney, Jarkko worked in the biotech sector, where he started as a project manager at Biostratum (2000-2002). He then joined NeuroNova, first as a researcher (2002-2004) and then as a section head of In vitro validation (2004-2007).

Jarkko  has authored 18 publications in high ranking academic journals such as Nature Neuroscience, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Blood and the Journal of Immunology. In addition to academic contributions, he is a joint inventor in six patent applications.

Jarkko has worked as a patent attorney at a patent law firm since 2007, and became a European patent attorney in 2012. He joined Novitas Patent as a partner in 2014.


1995-2000 Ph.D. in Medical Biochemistry from Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

1992-1997 Master of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biotechnology, University of Oulu, Finland


 +46 70 651 29 37


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Kungshamravägen, Solna, Stockholm County, Sweden