Niklas Forslund



Niklas is a patent consultant at Bergenstråhle & Partners.

Niklas is a highly experienced patent consultant with over 30 years in the patent industry. Niklas has gained experience from 12 years as an IP Director at Pharmacia, where he, besides creating and managing patent portfolios, advised in all types of transactions involving intellectual property and coordinated global patent litigations. 

That in addition to his over 12 years at Bergenstråhle where he is drafting and prosecuting patent applications within the field of life science and chemical engineering, makes up for extensive experience and expertise in a lot of areas in the field of life science.



Organic chemistry, biochemistry & biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, paper & cellulose, diagnostics, medical technology, food.


Niklas worked for 12 years (1991-2003) at Pharmacia as an IP Director before joining Bergenstråhle & Partners as a Patent Consultant in 2004.


1976-1982 M. Sc. degree in Chemical engineering, Royal University of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden


+46 70 664 15 03


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Kungshamravägen, Solna, Stockholm County, Sweden